Foreign Mentor Weekend


An intensive program designed to connect startup founders with experienced overseas mentors and investors through individual sessions during the course of a single weekend. The growth of businesses and innovative ideas is the primary focus of this programme, which emphasises internationalisation.

The foreign mentor weekend program includes:

3 Days of

  • Mentoring Sessions
  • Speed-dating
  • Networking
  • Public discussions
  • Keynotes

20 startups
Entrepreneurs in cultural and creative industries who are ready to start, or already developing their business and thinking of scaling it and entering an international market.

10 mentors
International consultants in the field of creative industries and beyond, with focus on business development, investments, marketing, and communications.

Partnership proposal
Program example
"These 3 days were absolutely amazing! Mentors gave me so much context, they were willing to share their knowledge, experience; explain and answer all my questions. I really appreciate this opportunity, and I am 100% happy that I had this experience!''

Baiba Glass (Latvia)

Benefits for startups

Foreign mentor weekend benefits the startups through:

  • Internationalization
    Establishing relations with mentors to grow the business abroad, and discovering what is important for specific markets/countries.
  • Expertise
    Accessing multiple and differentiated advice in one place from various mentors coming from various countries with a diversity of backgrounds.
  • Business development
    Discovering new solutions and approaches to business challenges.
  • Partnerships
    Strengthening networking skills and ability to work with foreign investors and markets.
''We've been matched with the mentors that speak the same business language we do. Now we have lots of ideas how to move forward!''
Toms Mols
Eligent, Latvia

Benefits for partners

Foreign mentor weekend benefits the partners through:

  • Partnerships
    Expanding and strengthening relations with current and new partners.
  • Visibility
    Building awareness and strengthening brand of host organization through new ways to achieve press coverage and online media attention.
  • Status
    Strengthening the offering to the ecosystem and creative entrepreneurs in the region, especially helping internationalization and scalability.

''It is an opportunity for the startups to confront their ideas with a receptive, captive yet neutral, non-biased, external party, without stakes for either side. The entrepreneur learns to refine the story telling, ultimately focusing on the right pain points that the idea is trying to address.''
David Richards
Mentor, Luxembourg

The program

Foreign Mentor Weekend is on a mission to support thriving and diverse startup communities around the world. We facilitate one-on-one mentoring sessions between startup founders and foreign experts in order to better comprehend the startup's business and provide the founders with the tools necessary to expand their business internationally.

Public events

Presentations, keynotes, and discussions with the participation of all the mentors and special guests – successful entrepreneurs, or investors from your country – to attract media attention and find new partners.


Fast introduction sessions to assign the entrepreneurs to the mentors.

Mentoring sessions

1-1 meetings with non-national mentors to provide entrepreneurs intensive business help in internationalization, promotion, marketing, investments and business-development.

Feedback and networking sessions

Informal meetings to analyse the results and benefits of the program. and build new business connections

"I met these astonishing mentors from around the world, and I got the right contacts to continue my project. It's the place to be!"
Toms Martinsons
BoneX, Latvia


These are our mentors.

Alexander Peitersen

Business Partner at Earlybird Vision Lab

Benjamin Wilkening

Business Partner at Earlybird Vision Lab

Bogdan Turudija

Client Service Director, New Moment

Daiva Naldal

Strategic advisor at Mindhive, Founder

David Richards

Freelance consultant

Derin Keskin

Investor Relations - Eastern Europe & Central Asia Regional Director of DOMiNO Ventures

Jasmina Nikolic

Client Service Director, New Moment communication network, SEE

Melisa İtmeç

General Coordinator, EGIAD Angels - Business Angel Investors Network

Safa Sharif

Co-Founder, WSI Consulting


Olga Kizina