City as a Playground


Fineas Anton – Grand Park | Chicago – Unsplash
Fineas Anton – Grand Park | Chicago – Unsplash
April 9, 2021
Edoardo Montenegro


Would you like to know more about how cities and local ecosystems are working to facilitate learning and engagement through play? Get ready for an online session with the Creative Business Network.

Wednesday 28 April 2021, from 12:00 to 13:00 CEST, we will host a webinar about City as a Playground with experts and innovators on this field:


How to signup

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3) Go to “Events” and find “City as a Playground”.

4) Click “RSVP I’m going.” You will receive an email 15 minutes before the event starts.

More about the speakers

Rasa Bocyte is a researcher with expertise in born-digital media preservation and online accessibility of heritage collection for creative reuse and research. In her current role at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, she leads European research and innovation projects that conceptualise and develop creative value chains and digital technologies to enhance the reuse and impact of multimodal collections. Her background is in Archival and Information Studies and Art History.

Johan Oomen - Creative Business Network

Johan Oomen is Head of Research and Heritage Services at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and a researcher at the User-Centric Data Science group of the VU University Amsterdam. Throughout his practice, Oomen works on initiatives that focus on providing access to digital heritage. Next to projects at Sound and Vision, Oomen works on international collaborative projects such as AI4MEDIA, Europeana XX, CLARIAH, and ReTV. He has a background in information science, media studies and computer science, and his current research focuses on exploring the potential of digital cultural heritage in the wider Cultural and Creative Industries. He is a board member of the Europeana Foundation, the EUscreen Foundation and the PublicSpaces Foundation. Oomen is an advisor to the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Time Machine Organisation and the Dutch National Research Council for Cultural Heritage, and co-chair of The Netherlands Heritage Network. In 2020, he co-founded the NLAIC working group on Culture and Media and the Cultural AI Lab.

Emanuela Vita is an expert in participation policies, social innovation and communication. She has been working in these fields for over 15 years, carrying out national and international projects. She is currently the head of the International Relations Area of ​​the Municipality of Milan, as well as being the founder of the NGO Kamba and the designer and manager of Ricetta Milano. After her academic career in political science, she worked in Italy and Germany, and collaborated with research centers, local and international organizations such as the University of Naples, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, the Embassy of the Republic of Angola in Italy, Expo Milano 2015 and for the Municipality of Milan.

Jessika Weber-Sabil is senior researcher at the Faculty of Digital Entertainment at BUas under the professorship of Applied Games, Innovation and Society of Breda University of Applied Sciences, where she conducts research on games with the focus on tourism systems and experience design. Her research explores (mobile) location-based AR games for experience enhancement, the application of serious games to understand complex systems and games to facilitate creative processes. Jessika holds a PhD from Bournemouth University, where she explored the game experiences of tourists with location-based augmented reality games in urban environments and a master from the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg on Tourism and Innovation Management. She is a member of the International Federation for Information Technology in Travel and Tourism (IFITT), Digital Games Research Group (DiGRA) and the Interaction Design Foundation.

Gabriela Sarmanova is an international student within the Tourism & Hospitality Industry, which is undergoing a rapid paradigm shift, as destinations are restoring themselves. Gabriela has been studying abroad for the past four years, which taught her to deal with uncertainty and change. She has practical experience from Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. Currently based in Denmark, she conducts her Master thesis on business development of a simulation game for stakeholder engagement in sustainable tourism planning. Gabriela is developing a Business Model Canvas of a tourism consultancy start-up, which brings a holistic approach to the future outlook of the tourism industry.

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