BRIGHT – Creative Business Cup Global Finals Winner 2022!
BRIGHT – Creative Business Cup Global Finals Winner 2022!
July 6, 2022
Kia Ulriksen

What do you get when you gather hundreds of people from the creative sector in one place? BRIGHT 2022!

This year, keynote speakers, startups, jury members, investors, ambassadors, creative minds and national partners came together at The Royal Danish Academy to kick off the two-day industry forum BRIGHT. Together, we celebrated fostering innovation, Creative Business Cup Global Finals and the future of the cultural and creative sector.

And together #TheFutureLooksBRIGHT

Still Trying to Catch our Breaths

When we reached June 27, the Royal Danish Academy of Architecture Design and Conservation’s halls welcomed more than students. The canteen had been turned into a marketplace and showcased the multiple products and solutions creative startups have to offer. The auditoriums displayed the untapped potential of creative startups when our National Winners of Creative Business Cup showed up to pitch to the international jury. The panels that entertained, inspired and stirred their crowds made the halls buzz – whether it was discussing how to turn idea into product, smiling until you have teeth, or innovation in the public sector.

Creative Business Cup Global Finalists 2022 – Top 5

MyCello pitching to the jury

  1. Austria – Plasticpreneur (WINNER!)
  2. South Korea – Munice INC
  3. Czech Republic – MyCello
  4. Norway – GameFlow
  5. Estonia – Myceen

Impressive, right? Please go check out their website – if you’re still trying to grasp, understand or be convinced of the cultural and creative sector’s scope, this is the place to start.

Lastly, we want to say a big thanks to all of our jury members and speaker for this year’s BRIGHT. Meet and connect with them here.

You can read bout this year’s program here.

Until next year – see you soon!

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